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Wedding Planning During Lockdown - 6 Things You Can Do To Make It Better

Well.. there's a title I never thought I'd write.

Hello! How are we all? It's been a while since I blogged, so long in fact that the settings had all changed on my website so of course this has taken me all blinkin day to get to this stage but alas, here we are.

It's all happening eh? Covid-19 has upturned our lives in unimaginable ways. It has affected everyone in some way, from small to life changing. I do hope though that you are safe and well first and foremost and any difficulties you are facing can be overcome.

Weddings and events.. remember them? I don't need to tell you that corona virus has shaken the wedding and event industry to the core. If you're reading this perhaps you're a fellow supplier (Hi!) or a Bride/Groom to be and either way, I'm going to bet that your plans have changed somewhat.

Like many of my own clients, you've perhaps had to postpone your wedding to a later date, hell you might not even know if the later date will go ahead yet. It's an awful time of worry and stress for you, I get it. However, at times like this when things seem out of control it can be a good idea to focus on what we can control.

If you've set your new date, got all your awesome suppliers on board and are now perhaps finding yourself at home with some extra time on your hands, here are some things you could do to make sure the excitement doesn't go from planning your big day - and why should it?! It's still going to happen, just a little later than planned and what a celebration it will be when it does come around!


1. Crafty business. Had you toyed with the idea of making your own bunting or that welcome sign but the wedding was only a few months away and there was no chance you were going to get around to it? Now's the time! You might even surprise yourself with what you have around the house and garden that you can use. That old wood sat behind the garage could make an excellent welcome sign with a lick of blackboard paint and those old curtains - HELLO bunting! I also love the idea of making your own confetti. On your daily walk why not start collecting fallen flowers and leaves and start drying them out?

2. Focus on good mental health. This is a trying time for us all but throw in planning a wedding that now has to be changed and you might find your stress levels through the roof. There's never been a more important time to look after yourself. There are so many things we can do at home to look after oursleves but ultimately it comes down to what works for you. We might be missing the interaction of others or alternatively wishing we had more time to ourselves as we're all at home together. Think of, or find out, what keeps your spark intact and do that, lots of that.

3. Has your wedding season changed? Originally planned Spring now find you're having a Winter wedding? Embrace it! What new ideas can you come up with to accommodate the possibility of a change in weather? Check out rainy or snowy pictures from your photographer or venue and I'll guarantee they will get you excited!

Image by Rhiannon Neale Photography

4. Wedding speeches. Brides - maybe you weren't planning on doing one at all but hey, 2020 has given you a lot to talk about and now you quite fancy it - do it! Now's a good time to start jotting down what you'd like to say. Bridal speeches are far from taboo now and in fact your other half might welcome it - takes the pressure off of them a little!

5. Celebrate your original date. So the night before rolls around when you should have been getting together with your nearest and dearest and getting super excited for the next day but instead you're at home with another Netflix series - DON'T SETTLE FOR THAT! Make the most of it by setting up a group call with your family/bridal party and on the original date itself pop that fizz and celebrate all that you have and all that you have to look forward to!

Image by Rhiannon Neale Photography

6. Date nights in. Our relationships might never be tested like this again, at home all day and all night together, just us, no one coming in or going out and perhaps throw kids into the mix too and wow, that could be a pretty overwhelming situation right there! Be sure to still carve time for each other by having date nights in. Dinner and a movie can still be done at home and at a fraction of the cost - more cash to put towards your dream day - wooo!

None of these tips are going to change the current global pandemic we're all facing but they may just help keep you sane and excited about your big day. If you find any of them helpful. particularly if it inspires you to try any new crafts, tag me on Instagram, I'd love to see! @thefloraldesignboutique

Take Care Guys - You've Got This!

Amanda xx

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