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How Important are Wedding Flowers?

As soon as Karen and Allan's stunning wedding images by Naomi Kenton Photography arrived in my inbox I was blown away and the question above sprung into my mind. I've seen people ask it in many a wedding forum and potential clients have even asked me this question, although I'm an experienced wedding florist! (but that's ok, I love a challenge)

Well, are wedding flowers really that important?

The answer is yes, a thousand times yes and Karen and Allan's gorgeous wedding at Glenbervie House, can explain exactly why.

When Karen first contacted me they were living in New Zealand, planning not only their Scottish wedding, but their return trip to Scotland (welcome home guys!)

We planned the floral design for their big day via email, Skype and a lot of pics. Easy!

Karen loved the colour magenta and wanted to include this in her day, Orchids were the perfect choice for this colour, as you can see, and our gorgeous Bride instantly agreed.

Karen's cascading bouquet included Dendrobium orchids in magenta , Phalaenopsis Orchids in white both complimented by the creamiest of Ivory Roses. Absolute Bridal flower heaven.

When I arrived at Karen's parents home on the morning of the wedding, Karen's mum was the first to greet me and said "so this is all your fault?" Of course, my heart sank and the colour most likely drained from my face lol but to my delight it was in jest and with regards to the colour choices!

Karen's mum explained that the full wedding styling was tailored around the magenta colour from the Orchids and that "I had made Karen's dream a reality" This is one of the many reasons I love love love my job!

This is how important your flower choices are and how much of an impact they can make.

You can see from Karen's and Allan's wedding photos how much the flowers really do stand out. They can bring so much to your wedding day, texture, colour and scent to name but a few.

Flowers are part of your outfit too, your Bridesmaids and your Grooms not to mention your venue and should be given as much thought as you did said outfit and location. Trust me, you'll be glad you did. There's nothing quite like the moment your flowers arrive on the morning of your big day, my clients often say it's when things feel very real. Do you want this moment to be wasted by something less than perfect? I'm thinking not.

The specific flowers you choose, the colours and styling of the flowers can really bring your wedding venue to life. Simple white linen can be transformed with the right table decor..

If you need some guidance around colours, flower choices and/or floral decor for your wedding or event, check out our gallery and drop me a note. I'm ready to chat flowers anytime!


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