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A COVID 19 Update From Me..

Hey! Hope you're all well at this current crazy time?

I have a few updates with regards 2020/2021 and even 2022 diary what with all our lovely clients having to postpone things and also the fact that our baby twins are due around end of August! So, I thought best to pop them in a blog post rather than cram it all into a social media caption.

Image by John Elphinstone Stirling Photography

We may have sat our tools and bouquets down to rest for a bit just now just like Catrinas's gorgeous bridal bouquet above, but before we know it, we'll be up and running again providing flowers for weddings and events across Scotland.

My 2020 diary for weddings was jussssst about full before COVID 19 struck and placed us all in lockdown here in the UK. Some Summer months were even completely fully booked but alas it is now - empty. Yip. Wiped clean, just like that. Some of those weddings have been in my diary for over 18 months, lots of planning involved, all details set and good to go and so my heart really does go out to all of you who have had to change dates and all of the uncertainty and perhaps costs involved in doing so. I am happy to say though that everyone who I have managed to re-schedule I have done so at no additional cost to the client and for anyone I unfortunately couldn't accommodate, I have offered a full refund.

That cost does have to be absorbed somewhere though of course, and from a small business perspective I reckon it will take around 2 years to properly recover from the effects of Corona Virus, that's presuming we are back to "normal" by next year. Fingers crossed of course but who knows. That's because moving clients from 2020 into 2021 diary has taken up dates that would have been offered to new clients and would therefore have generated new income - that's ok of course! This is no -one's fault and we all have to pull together to do what we can. We're all riding the same storm.

So our 2020 diary is now empty until September and October where we have a small amount of weddings we are committed to. Aside from that though, I won't be taking on any further bookings for 2020 as I will be becoming a new Mum to twins around end of August! Any twin Mum's out there feel free to drop me a note with allll of your top tips!

My maternity leave will officially be August 2020 - March 2021 meaning that 2020 is wrapped up for now. The only exception to this may be a few wreath classes in December because we all know how much fun they are! That will depend on how my little family and I are all doing, and of course any government restrictions, will keep you posted on that one.

That brings me onto 2021 diary. Jan - March is out (mat leave) and May is now fully booked with a mix of postponements and new bookings but fear not - there is still loads of space! I can still accommodate one more weekend wedding in July, June is wide open and there are plenty gaps for Autumn. DON'T DELAY though! If you want to chat flowers for next year now is the time to do it. Steal a wee hour of that working from home time to do some wedding planning.. your boss won't mind 😉

I've had some 2022 enquiries recently too. I usually wouldn't open that diary up until October of this year but with current climate (people needing things to look forward to!) and the babies en route, I'll open this diary in July this year. I have a little list of folks to contact then and it is of course first come first served as usual so if you're getting wed in 2022 and want some Floral Design Boutique magic on your big day... get in touch and we'll take it from there.

I think that's it from me for now. Hopefully that's given you an insight into where we're at and where we're going! My inbox is wide open: amanda@thefloraldesignboutique.co.uk and you can follow our goings on on all social media platforms - do give us a wave if you see us!

Stay safe, speak soon,



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