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Wow. The Floral Design Boutique is 4 years old and what a 4 years it's been!

I get asked so often what it's like to be self employed and what it takes to make it work so I thought this year I'd chat a little about that.

I wish I could say whether self employment is or isn't what I imagined it would be but I honestly can't remember if I went into it with any expectations.

My personal goal for self employment, my "why" if you like, was always about flexibility. To carve out a creative career doing something I loved and also have flexibility to live my life the way I wanted to, alongside running the business, and I'm delighted to report that even with over 120 weddings in the bag, the flexibility is indeed a reality!

Hanging Foliage Design Scottish Wedding

It's not the only reality though, God no. Self employment is an absolute rollercoaster.

Of course I'm talking about my definition of self employment, and that of many of the friends I've met on this crazy journey, that definition being that you have built your own business, your very own, from scratch, It was your idea that brought it to life, it's your name above the door so to speak, it's your product, your ideas, it's YOU. It wouldn't survive without you, the buck stops with YOU. This means you get all the credit (YAY!) and also all the sh*t (not so yay!) but I'm sure I can speak for all of my fellow business owners that yeah, it's hard, hard work, it's sleepless nights, it's wondering where on earth the next booking will come from but we wouldn't change it for a thing.

Elopement Wedding Isle of Arran

The pride in having, and successfully running, your own business is immeasurable.

For me, when I know I've worked really hard to bring a vision to life for a client whether that be their wedding flowers or floral design for an event, and know that they are pleased with the end result, that feels beyond awesome.

When I set myself targets and smash them.. also awesome and when I pay my bills every month for both personal and business, knowing that that paycheck didn't just arrive in my bank account, that I generated every penny of it.. yeah. Awesome.

So at 4 years down the line I want to say a big wooooo hoo to me and all the others out there riding this bat sh*t crazy ride that is being a small business owner. We bloody rock so we do.

Wedding Suppliers Scotland

As always, I will be celebrating our business birthday by giving back. This year we will be working with a project that had me fall head over heels as soon as I seen it. I walked into this building and completely fell in love. The romance of it, the history, all of it. I didn't even know it existed until recently, the worlds oldest surviving music hall that is right in the heart of Glasgow, The Britannia Panopticon.

Britannia Panopticon Christmas

I went along to meet Judith and her team at the venue to have a look around and chat Christmas plans with them. I knew straight away I would love to partner with them for our birthday celebrations. So, this weekend on the 25th November, we will host a full day of Christmas Wreath Making Workshops in The Britannia Panopticon with £15 from every ticket sale donated back to them.

This money will go towards the upkeep of the building as well as a new heating system, can't wait to see that in place!

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supports me in this journey. My clients first and foremost, without you we simply wouldn't exist. My friends and family for helping me out soooo much in exchange for wine or hugs, my little team who have worked many a late night making sure everything is just perfect and trying to calm me down when i'm going over every. little. detail for the millionth time! My fellow small business owner friends, you know who you are and without you this ride would be a hell of a lot more confusing and difficult!

So, here's to a successful day of Christmas Workshops this weekend to celebrate our birthday, a successful end to 2018 for all and to whatever the next 4 years has in store! Cheers!

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