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What Makes Us So Special? - Wedding Specialist Florist, Glasgow, Scotland

A recent conversation with my hairdresser (shout out to lovely Riona at Bon Vivant Salon!) got me thinking about this question. We say we are specialists when it comes to designing your wedding flowers but what does that really mean and are we deserving of such a title?

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I was asking Riona if they offered hair styling for weddings as I know they also have the salon to look after and in my constant curiosity of all things small business I wondered how this worked. We then got to chatting about the difference between the two, being a shop based service provider and a mobile one and it made me realise that the difference is actually quite vast and something that clients may not be fully aware of.

I don't have a retail shop and have absolutely no desire to have one. I love the variation and flexibility that my work life gives me, I wouldn't have this if I had a retail store and I also wouldn't be able to fully focus on one specialty as much as I do.

I'm a 'never say never' kinda gal but some days I'm at home all day working from my laptop, others I'm travelling from one end of Scotland to the other visiting beautiful venues and exciting clients and I don't want that to change.

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Also the reason for this is that my passion lies in the "big briefs" as I mentioned in a recent interview about business LOL! No, nothing to do with underwear size but in those big design briefs my clients come at me with. When they have no idea what they want but they know how they want their guests to feel upon arrival at the venue and what memories they want to leave them with, those kind of briefs,

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I can truly say we specialise in weddings because well, we do!

Wedding floral design is at the heart of our business with our other specialties lying in events and flowers for business/corporate. Our focus and attention is firmly on keeping up to date with trends in these areas, new techniques, new mechanics and all that jazz so that we can pass this onto you, our clients who trust us with what is often a huge part of their big day!

We have now completed countless weddings in marquees, barns, and hotel venues across the country with many more to come and are very excited about the further wedding floristry skills we will pick up along the way. We have found our style too which is very natural but a little bit different and I would hope you'll see that continuity in our portfolio.

If you are planning a wedding and want to chat flowers I'd love to hear from you:


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