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Introducing Ashley...

It's now been a year since I joined Amanda at The Floral Design Boutique and we thought that this would be the perfect time for me to say HELLO!

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So first let's talk a bit about me, let's get to know who Ashley is. I am 29, from sunny West Dunbartonshire, mummy to my beautiful daughter Maisy who is 3 in December and partner to Derek for the last 11 years.

This is my first venture into the world of floristry, for the 12 years prior I worked mainly in accounts in the motor trade. I have always had the 'creative flow' in me and always dabble with making things with my hands but being a Florist was always the dream, I followed a different path leaving school and it never happened but in 2016 there was a massive shift in my personal life where I gained a new perspective. I realised that life was far too short to not follow my dreams and started to look at a way to make them a reality and this is where Amanda comes in...

In 2017, Amanda posted an add for a Trainee Florist position within TFDB. I jumped at the opportunity and well, you obviously know how it turned out because here I am!

I was over the moon at being offered the job and with the support of my family, I made the leap and couldn't be happier. I was in my dream job, working with my hands, I was working with nature and getting to create every single day!

Amanda couldn't have been more welcoming and first day on the job we got right down to the basics of floristry. So many people think it's just playing with flowers all day but you really have to know how to take care of them, make sure they stay pretty.. and alive!

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I was learning so much and then, panic! Amanda was telling me I was going to be making a Bridesmaid bouquet, under her supervision of course. I kept thinking.. on day one.. this is real.. for a wedding.. BUT I ACED IT! I was so proud of that beautiful, fluffy Hydrangea bouquet I made for Amy and Lyndsay's wedding!

As the weeks went by I got to learn all the behind the scenes stuff and what really goes into creating all you Brides and Grooms floral dreams for your big day. It was so exciting! Being on site, helping set up, I learned fast that wedding day is full on and the buzz is exciting and electric! So many things have happened in the last year that it really does take a moment for me to sit back and take stock of all I have learned.

It feels so natural to be working with my hands, with flowers and foliage and being creative in the workshop. Not every week is the same and no two brides are the same which makes coming to work so much fun.

It's not all weddings either, we have done some different workshops and events which are always fun and exciting to do too.

In the last year, Amanda and I have found out how VERY similar we are. We are both Aquarians, we are both awesome and have very similar creative juices in us which makes putting visions into reality so much easier as we are thinking the same thing. Learning from Amanda has been amazing and I truly do look up to her not only as my boss but my inspiration and friend.

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Like I said up top, it's now been a year since I joined TFDB and because I am learning so many different things we have decided to start an Instagram page along with this blog all about what I am creating and what is going on behind the scenes which means you will get a glimpse into our funny chat and how awesome we are!

You may see the odd food post too because our day sometimes revolves around this!

So, this is the official announcement (imagine royal wedding-esque trumpets as you read this..) that my Instagram page is now live!

Head on over and follow me on Instagram, say hello and get involved - @ashleytfdb

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