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It's Our Birthday!

3 years. Wow. How? Where has the time gone?

3 years ago, after a Summer of working behind the scenes on market research, building a website etc etc, I hit the launch button on my baby business.

Now here she is, getting all grown up!

Anniversaries are always a time for reflection aren't they? Today I'm thinking about all that has been achieved in the last few years and I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm a wee bit emotional about it all! (Disclaimer, I am also loaded with the cold so this may well be affecting current fragile state)

Our weddings continue to be at the heart of what we do. This was always the plan and will continue to be so, even although you'll see us branching out (pun absolutely intended) into other areas like corporate flowers and workshops.

We just love our wedding clients, you guys are awesome!

Fun wedding photography with wedding flowers

Image above by Natural Weddings

Our team has grown too from just me, to our permanent member of staff Ashley (an actual angel, i'm sure of it) and our bank of freelance Florists who swoop in when we need them. Not to mention my friends and family who often work for food and wine.

I couldn't do it without all of you!

Trainee Florist Wedding Flowers Scotland

If you've followed our business this past 3 years you'll know that I like to celebrate by giving a little something back. Check out last years blog to see what we've got up to previously.

This year is no different and we will be again working with a charity who's work I believe to be fundamental to our communities.

Wholistic Life are a Lanarkshire based charity which is the brain child of none other than my wonderful big sister.

Wholistic Life Coaching for Kids

They are all about wellbeing and mental health in young people. We all have our mental health to look after, just like we have our physical health, yet it's not so easy to talk about is it? It's not so easy to say you're struggling to cope yet it's very easy to say you're struggling with a physical complaint. My mentioning my cold above is a prime example but I haven't mentioned how much I am struggling to cope with my workload this week because I am ill. Odd huh?

There is lots being done to reduce stigma around talking about mental health and that's great but the fact remains, resources are scarce when it comes to treating mental health conditions and something has to change. I'm a big fan of "prevention is better than the cure" and therefore can completely get behind what Wholistic Life are trying to achieve.

You can read more about this registered charity here (and please do)

They have developed a programme to deliver to schools which aims to improve the lives of children and young people by arming them with the tools they need to be aware of, and manage their own mental health.

Their mission is this:

To improve the lives and mental health of those who use our services by:

Increasing self-esteem and confidence by helping young people understand how their own mind works

Improving mindset by exploring how emotions and thoughts can positively and negatively influence mental health

Introducing the community to alternative therapies that can improve overall wellbeing

So, where does The Floral Design Boutique fit in?! Well, as well as being out in the community delivering their awesome programme, they also have a wellness centre based in Larkhall. In the centre, they deliver classes, mostly free, for kids and adults based around healthy wellbeing. Things like yoga, meditation and pilates classes have been a roaring success so far.

Team TFDB have been to the centre for a cuppa and to participate in the mindfullness/meditation class which was nothing short of blissful ( check it out- all welcome and it's free!) When we were there we got chatting about our birthday charity and agreed we would love to work together this year.

First off we will be installing a living wall in the centre. Kids and adults from all backgrounds use the centre as a place to recharge and having living, breathing plant life is well known for enhancing a feeling of wellbeing. Stay tuned for pics of that in the coming weeks!

We will also be donating our services on Mothers Day next year, delivering a workshop to kids where they will be able to make a floral arrangement to gift to their parent/guardian or a loved one of their choice. We hope this will have a positive impact on both awareness of the charity and the young people involved.

Thanks again to everyone reading this, our past and future clients, corporate clients, suppliers and friends and family who make living the dream possible for me.

Here's to the next 3 years (and many more!)

Amanda xx


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