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It Takes a Village - Small Business Giving Back

"It takes a village to raise a child" African proverb which reflects the emphasis African cultures place on family and community

Happy Birthday to my baby business, The Floral Design Boutique! A whole 2 years since we hit the launch button and what an incredible 2 years it's been.

I've been fortunate enough to travel far and wide to some of Scotland's top wedding venues looking after your wedding flowers, from Bridal bouquets and buttonholes to centrepieces and floral arches!

Giving up the day job in the process, I've had the pleasure of working with some lovely, lovely clients and some incredibly talented fellow Scottish wedding suppliers.

Rather than arrange a pop up event, a discount or a prize giveaway to celebrate, I feel the money and time would be better spent giving back to the community that gives to me and enables me to do a job I love. Same as last year and which I'll continue to do every year.

Shelter Scotland | The Floral Design Boutique

Last year, to celebrate our first birthday I met with Shelter Scotland.

I was humbled to spend the day in their Glasgow office learning about the work they do and was then able to give something back by way of a financial contribution.

As my business anniversary approached this year and I started to have a think about which cause to support, I have to say, it wasn't easy. There are so many charities needing support in many ways, worldwide and here at home in Scotland.

With this in mind, I started to think about how much nicer the world might be if we all just looked out for one another and treated each other with a bit more compassion. Naive? Perhaps. Or maybe it really is that simple. If it really is that simple, I believe it begins at home and in our communities.

I came across an event that took place last year in Renfrewshire, the area in which I live. Christmas Day Lunch, organised by an inspiring local lady, Jodie Campbell. I met with Jodie and heard her thoughts behind the event and what she was hoping to achieve and knew instantly I wanted to help.

Jodie Campbell Christmas Day Lunch | Paisley Express

Jodie came up with the idea last year (2015) when she realised how many people, often vulnerable, are on their own on Christmas day. Various factors are behind this like being widowed, single parent families and people who are homeless over the festive period.

Jodie charged on recruiting an army of volunteers and donations and managed to arrange a Christmas lunch for 120 people, who would otherwise be on their own, at Glasgow Airport Holiday Inn.

What a fantastic and selfless achievement which was quite rightly recognised by the Renfrewshire Lord Provost Awards for Community Volunteer - well deserved Jodie!

Jodie has now set about the task of doing the same again this year and I am proud to be involved.

On Christmas Morning I'll be popping to the local community hall where the meal is being held to make it look festive with TFDB florals which I hope will bring further cheer to the day!

I'll be providing centrepieces that are styled in a way that all of the 100 people there can take something home with them, along with some other festive decor as way of a donation at no cost to Jodies funding.

Jodie was delighted to say that they don't need any further monetary contributions or toys thanks to donations and services offered by various other companies taking part. They would however be incredibly grateful for donations of chocolates and toiletries which will be used to provide a small gift to the adults on the day.

If you would like to make a donation please just drop me a message at:


If you'd like to follow the goings on for the lunch you can do at their Facebook page by clicking here.

Thanks for reading and for your support and custom over the last 2 years - it's appreciated beyond words!

Amanda xx

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