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What. Just. Happened? Wedding season, the most popular months to get married.

I’m so sorry I’ve not blogged in June or July (or August as boom! It’s apparently September now!) But here’s what happened - I survived my first big peak wedding season of self employment!And loved it!

I’m exhausted of course but feeling legendary none the less!

If you follow us on social media you’ll have seen some of the goings on. The check in’s at some of Scotland’s most stunning venues, the congratulations posts and the Sunday morning Bridal bouquet posts but here’s some stats as to what has really gone on behind the scenes over this short few months:

18 Bridal Bouquets, 50 Bridesmaid bouquets, 118 Buttonholes, 116 Centrepieces and 120 Pew ends!

Of course, that's not including Corsages, hair pieces, garlands etc... Phew!

All made by my own fair hand and all with glowing feedback after each event, I am one happy Florist and I have very happy Brides/Grooms :)

It’s been such a crazy few months, an all-consuming, exciting, stressful, nerve wracking but fantastic time. I have learned LOADS! Lots of “I’ll definitely do that again” moments and plenty of “Good God why did you think that would work, don’t ever do that again” moments lol. I’m grateful for every one of them as they all contribute to what has been a super successful year so far and will go forward with me into growing my business making it even better next year.

THANK YOU to every one of my couples who have trusted me with such an important part of their day, who trusted me to design something that would work perfectly, source the correct flowers at the best price and quality, and to deliver them on what is most likely the biggest day of their lives to date. Thank you. I couldn’t achieve anything without you!

There’s also a few other people I couldn’t have possibly achieved the summer so far without…

My poor Husband, Sean – who lots of you have now met! He has sacrificed most of his Saturday mornings, and a few Friday nights, over the last few months to help me set up at venues and also keep me sane. If any of his golfing buddies are reading this then, of course, this is the reason his golf may not be on top form this year ;) I never shut up about my business and he never asks me to. If that’s not love then I don’t know what is.

Further support acts have been my sister who has been sent to collect hire items the day after the big day and the fantastic friends I have around me who are always on hand to listen when I have a mini breakdown when my flower delivery has been delayed and I still have 200 Roses to strip at 8 o’clock at night or been understanding when I’ve missed a night out because I just cannot simply walk away until everything is done. It’s too important and they get that and I am so grateful.

I’ve even had my nephews in helping me out, seen here taking their bucket duty very seriously!

I’ve worked with some awesome venues and fellow suppliers this year too and look forward to working with them again and again to bring such a special day to life for our couples.

What else has been happening I hear you ask?

So, so much. I mentioned that I’ve had such good feedback from my clients, well most of them have also nominated me for this year’s VOWS awards (you know who you are, thank you!) I couldn’t believe it when a few of my couples contacted me to say they had put me forward, such an awesome feeling to know you guys were so happy with everything. The voting has now closed and we’ll need to wait and see if I make it through as a nominee as there is a LOT of competition from all over Scotland. It matters not of course, I feel like a winner already just having your nominations and lovely words.

I was invited to Holland too (I know!) to meet suppliers, exporters and growers alike who all contribute to a HUGE operation that makes our industry what it is. I'll do a separate blog post about that though.

The diary is also filling up rapidly for 2017 with some fantastic weddings in there that I’m really excited about! 2018 diary will be opening soon too, on 1st October. The new website was launched a few months ago and is receiving lots of traffic through it. I’ll be updating it again soon with some more fab images I’ve been receiving from some top photographers I’ve worked with this year.

I’ve also been involved in some shoots and have more in the pipeline that are going to be something a wee bit different, stay tuned for that.

So what’s next? A manicure and a day off first and foremost ha ha then…

Lots more weddings still to come over the next few months and boy are they fantastic designs that I can’t wait to get my hands on and show off! Making plans for next year and beyond which might just include some expansion of this lil operation, will keep you posted as always.

I also intended to launch a day to day delivery service this year but I’ve decided to put it on hold for now. I’m getting so busy with weddings and some other exciting projects in the pipeine that I can’t give it my all just now, and I would never give anything less so it can sit on the to do list for a wee bit longer for now.

I’ll leave you with some quotes from feedback I’ve received this year so far and thank you again, I couldn’t do what I love without you, bring on the rest of the year!

“I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you again for the flowers on the day, they really did look fantastic” Tracey & Andrew August’16

“Amanda delivered my flowers to me in the morning and I absolutely fell in love with my bouquet. I couldn’t have asked for more – it was big, full and had all the colours I wanted. Absolutely beautiful and the smell was divine” Sabrina and Andrew, August ‘16

“”I don’t know if I can get across how much Mark and I loved our wedding flowers…” Roslyn & Mark, July ‘16

“Thank you so much for all of your help over the past year. All of the flowers you provided were beautiful, the bouquets were exactly what I was looking for and I received some really lovely comments on how well presented they were which is down to you. You have been lovely to work with and your knowledge and passion for your job really shows” Carine & Stephen, August ‘16

“Amazing, amazing, amazing. Such a reasonable price and our flowers were stunning. Amanda was so patient and accommodating, I’ll be recommending to everyone” Sammy & Colin, June ‘16

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