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Are us Florists worth the dosh? The cost of wedding flowers.

First off, I live a pretty lavish lifestyle to which I've become accustomed so.... no no no. It's not that, honest.

The cost of wedding flowers are always a bit of a surprise aren't they, hey sometimes they're a surprise to me when I see Hydrangeas at £5 per stem... wholesale!

It must be a bit of an unknown as to what you're fully getting for you money though when all you guys are seeing is the end product- albeit beautiful but still, sometimes your bouquet is £100 plus and I thought maybe you'd like to know a bit more about how that comes to be? If not then feel free to yawn, roll your eyes and go stick the kettle on and see what's on on catch up, I won't hold it against you!

What flowers to choose?

Your Florist will offer you a consultation to understand your needs and offer their experience. They really need to know their stuff no matter how many pics you show them, What's in season, what colours do those flowers come in, what flowers will suit the shape the Bride/Groom is after, what length of stem do I need, what size head will work? How much will they cost per stem at that time? You won't know if you don't know! They will then put a bespoke quote together for you. This process alone from start to finish can take a good few hours.

Your flowers don't arrive in their best frock ready to dance the night away...

Nope, they definitely don't, the cuts on my hands and green stains on my nails can vouch for that lol! They need to be ordered for delivery for a specific time to ensure they are at their best for your big day which might be that they need to have fully opened or that they still need to be tight - whatever it is, that's on your Florist to make sure it happens. When they arrive, they are wrapped in bunches of 10, 20, 40 sometimes 50 stems (and often there will be hundreds of those wraps!) and each individual stem is inspected and conditioned. This means foliage removed, thorns removed, cut at the correct length and angle and placed in water that is at the right temperature with the correct dose of food and kept in the correct light. Your Florist does this with passion and utmost care because this is too important an event to treat YOUR flowers any differently.

What now?

We will continue to look after your flowers, keeping a watchful eye on them like they are our very own little blossoming children and then we let the fun begin! This is where we separate the men from the boys when it comes to styling them, creating what we have discussed at design stage. Take the just gathered, garden style look which is a big trend just now, quite rightly so as it's gorgeous but that style can take hours to perfect! It's a bit like trying to get that natural beach wave hair that everyone has in the magazines in the hairdressers, truth is its takes a bit of time, effort and product to achieve doesn't it?! Your flowers will be no different and they will get the time and care that they deserve until they are perfect. Brides, Bridesmaids, centrepieces etc all put together by hand, flowers held and inserted at at certain angles too would you believe! Then stored in the correct conditions so that they remain at their best. Flowers for Buttonholes cut and wired lastly and wrapped carefully, again, to ensure they are at their absolute best - no risks will be taken.

The big day!

Now to get your creations to you in one piece, what a task! Tall glass vases, delicate flower heads- everything needs to be handled and packed into the van meticulously so as not to damage anything. If anything does get damaged your Florist will have spares with her, she's good that way ;) At TFDB, once we're with the Bridal party we will find a cool place in the house/hotel to keep your flowers and explain, usually to a

Bridesmaid, when to take them out of water and also how to carry them to get the best effect for your photos. We then pop off to your venue and set up there if that's part of your order. We'll have liaised with the venue in advance to agree times etc so it's all good. Once there, we set your flowers into place and won't leave until it is looking absolutely perfect from every angle as if it were our very own Wedding.

Image by Rhiannon Neale Photography

There's a lot goes on behind the scenes isn't there and of course this list isn't exhaustive, there is more!

Some Brides fancy giving DIY a go, or perhaps old Auntie Sadie used to be a Florist in her day, and I'll bet she was good but... do you really want anyone but a professional to deal with all of the above? Do you want to risk such a large part of your day in the wrong hands? Probably not.

I never want to be known as cheap (the horror! lol) and I don't want to be known as ridiculously expensive either, I strive to offer my Bride and Grooms value for money, and feedback tells me we're providing exactly that :)

Any questions/feedback then as always, don't hesitate to get in touch. Also, if there's anything in particular you'd like me to cover in my blogs then just let me know.

Amanda xx

Image by Rhiannon Neale Photography

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